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Pulling An All-Nighter For The Greater Good

8 a.m. Thursday, December 6th to 8 a.m. Friday December 7th

CreateAthon (krēˈāt-ə-thän) noun

  1. A 24-hour charity event where marketing teams and advertising agencies create assets for national and local non-profit organizations: CreateAthon is a national movement that rallies marketing teams to help local non-profits in a 24-hour creative blitz.
  2. Where marketers and advertisers pull an all-nighter for the greater good: At last year's CreateAthon, SFW served 32 non-profits, producing more than $200,000 of work in one day.
  3. An excuse to eat a smörgåsbord of diet-obliterating food, pound dangerous amounts of Red Bull, and separate the strong from the weak when Mr. Sandman tries to coax us to sleep:​ "The 2 a.m. pizza-eating contest at this year's CreateAthon was a bad idea."

We’re counting down the minutes (and loading up on coffee) before we launch!

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A Little More About CreateAthon at SFW

Each of us will eat approximately 5,000 calories – most of it in pistachios.

SFW is the single largest marketing agency nationwide to participate in CreateAthon. Take that, New York.

This is the 17th year SFW has participated in CreateAthon.

During the 24 hours of CreateAthon, our hair will grow .35 millimeters.

We’ll fold more than 5,000 trifold brochures.

We’ll produce about $250,000 worth of work for our non-profits.

We’ll ask Jess 50 times, “How long until we’re done??”

We’ll flee in terror from Jess every time we ask, “How long until we’re done??”

3 arm-wrestling matches; 5 bike rides; 10 midnight pizzas; 35,000 printed pieces; 90 red bulls; 500 snapchats; 24 hours of non-stop work.