ISSUE 38Smirnoff trolls Trump; Citi Bike revolutionizes transportation & advertising; Amazon writes a whole paycheck for Whole Foods; social stalking gets serious. Issue 37Achieve digital transformation; a D.C. bar’s brilliant marketing idea; finding a clever use for AR; Gen Z’s Obsessee obsession Issue 36Be more likeable by running more effective meetings; shift your mindset to revise business strategies and drive growth; learn the digital habits of Gen Z Issue 35The martech involved in a product launch; Snap’s disastrous first earnings report; obsessing over customers; trashing your Mother’s Day present Issue 34How to build a marketing empire on loyalty; digital transformations; the antidote to Pepsi’s ad; Amazon slips into your bedrooms Issue 33 PR disasters; brands' addictions to influencers; and what teens think is "lit" according to Google Issue 32Prepping for the retail apocalypse; crown victors and losers in YouTube’s falling out; trying to decipher Facebook from Snapchat Issue 31Make your own luck in business; learn lessons from SXSW; Netflixication; Congratulate Don Draper for winning the big pitch Issue 30Avoid PR disasters; get inspired by the most innovative retail companies; apprenticeships; and Amazon’s new obsession with brick-and-mortar ISSUE 29Anonymous search engines; social media audience growth and the Super Bowl; how to differentiate yourself from a machine ISSUE 28All things Super Bowl LI - like which commercials were worthy of our attention and which ones were the biggest waste of $5 million ISSUE 272016 holiday marketing that didn't shine so brightly; cult brands; the email inbox organization you need; politics v. Super Bowl advertising; and dad jokes ISSUE 26Embrace “the suck;" looking back on 2016’s most viral ads; looking forward to 2017’s major social trends; how to get holiday shoppers to hand you all their money ISSUE 25Holiday shopping search behavior; learning lessons from losers and young social influencers; results from a secret video ad experiment ISSUE 24Seven ways to win consumers on their path to purchase; how to market in an automated age; Reddit’s superpowers; Chatbots running the world ISSUE 23The disappearance of incentivized Amazon reviews; GOAT sales decks; having faith in content marketing; never fail to execute a business strategy again ISSUE 22Gossiping about Amazon and FedEx's relationship and the spread of digital influence; reading business books that changed the world; prepping for the holiday shopping season ISSUE 21Back-to-school shopping season madness; iPhone 7 launch and the displeased Internet; move over Millennials; consumer products industry key to success ISSUE 20Instagram’s imitation game, content marketing trends, finding problems - not just solving, and why doing the right thing is always best (not just cause Mama said so) ISSUE 19It's back-to-school time and Facebook has the best deal of all; Superlatives are in: Most Athletic goes to Australian Creatives and Most Popular to No-Name YouTubers ISSUE 18"All the feels" and going viral; launching a successful online community; obstacles to great content; future of ecommerce; social situation rooms ISSUE 17Apple schools us; Facebook links store visits to ads; being funny works on dates and in marketing; and why millennial employees are cheating on you ISSUE 16Apple killing off accessories; Facebook answers your most pressing question; smart marketing, dumb ways to die; and Millennials' hustle-on-the-side ISSUE 15Talent acquisition; getting nerdy celebrating E3 2016; brainstorming methods; and what politicians and marketers have in common - yikes ISSUE 14Companies slaying micro-moments; nix gated content?; consumers selling their own data; empowering ads engage audiences ISSUE 13What it takes to get SKUs ready for Apple; why Clorox kills germs and shares data; blockchains; the accusations against Facebook ISSUE 12Wu-Tang's distribution plan; Home Depot CMO talks marketing; bursting the in-store tech bubble ISSUE 11Bots, explained; Millennials' agnst over permanence; Lowe's is investing in VR ISSUE 10Rogue chatbots; immersive video is reality; staying true to company roots ISSUE 09Advertising in the post-digital age; balancing content marketing priorities; Scott Galloway on the Gang of Four ISSUE 08The future of computing; campaigns don't translate to mobile; capitalizing on "near me" searches ISSUE 07Snackable video (nom nom); did brands kill Peach?; what's the deal with #Wegmania? This issue made us hungry ISSUE 06What Facebook knows about you; high-tech bathroom mirrors; YouTubers on TV ISSUE 05Snapchat's possible move into ad tech; why context matters; martec stacks revealed ISSUE 042015’s Google search winners (and losers); Twitter’s new ad format; why you need Instagram ads ISSUE 03Retail category growth; ad industry shifts; Google's shopping insights tool ISSUE 02Cross-device tracking; marketing on Reddit; tapping into your creativity ISSUE 01Why simple brands win; Big Moose is watching you; retailers facing email deliverability challenges