SFW Employee’s MBA Team Takes First Place in World-Wide Marketing Summit

This month, finalist teams from America’s top business schools including Harvard, Yale, and The University of Chicago competed for a $20,000 top prize with bragging rights at the Wake Forest University School of Business 27th annual Marketing Analytics Summit.

The Wake Forest University School of Business MBA team won first place, and we have just one thing to say: GO SI!

SFW marketing research analyst Si Wong was a member of the winning team. This comes as no shock to anyone who has worked with Si. “Scary smart” is a phrase often heard associated with his name, as are the words “driven,” “competitive,” and hard-working.

In addition to working full-time while working on his MBA and participating in the Marketing Analytics Summit, Si is also in training for his first half-Ironman competition, with the goal of eventually being invited to the Kona Ironman.

“Si is unstoppable,” says SFW CEO Ged King. “He’s got energy, a can-do, positive attitude and is a valued member of our research department. This is someone with a bright future in front of him.”

SFW has always taken pride in having remarkable talent on our team. SFW employees are encouraged to use their unique skill sets and experiences outside the walls of our office as much as they do in their day-to-day jobs.

“We’ve got painters, authors, musicians, community volunteers, animal rescue advocates, welders, car enthusiasts, pilots, and more on our staff,” says King. “These are the types of people who pour their passions and knowledge into everything they do, inside and outside the office.”

When any one of our employees uses their talents and expertise to win, we all win. Congratulations Si—and thanks for making us all look good.

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