Sales Factory + Woodbine’s owners and employees collaborate to make two companies come together as one.

Sales Factory + Woodbine (SFW) launched their new website ( on July 3, 2014. While it happens every day for many companies, this particular launch was special. It was the public reveal of how the two marketing companies, each with 30 years of experience and strong sense of individualism, found their way to one new identity.

Henry Ford once said, “coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a process; working together is success.” This is exactly what Ged King, Matt King and Peter Mitchell, owners of SFW, believed when they first started discussing the possible merge between The Sales Factory and Woodbine.

“Each company has brought something amazing to the table, “ said Mitchell, president of SFW. “But, even though under one roof, we had two identities and we needed to become one, in more than just name.”

Having helped so many other companies define and build their brands, the company owners hired their own staff to perform the brand fingerprint process (SFW’s process to identify the key personality attribute of a company) on their own company.

“We are in a transformation business. We ignite transformation for brands, businesses and in some cases even entire categories,” said Mitchell. The new website shows what SFW key attributes and abilities are as a whole. Visitors can easily browse through the website, read case studies, blogs, or even look at our well-rounded, experienced (and dare we say, attractive) staff.”

According to Ged King, CEO of SFW, the first question on every client’s mind is, “What can you do for me?” The new site answers this question directly.

“SFW works on brand development through strategy, consumer insights and integrated marketing plans,” Ged King says. “Sales Factory + Woodbine provides marketing research, brand strategy, creative strategy, public relations, digital and social media and more.”

According to Ged King, the combined agency believes in the marriage of art and science to produce measurable results. The new website offers two free services for new visitors to their website. The first is a complimentary Retail Channel Sales Assessment—this assessment gives an inside look to successful sales and margin growth through the retail sales channel. The second is the 7-Point Agency Checklist—with which potential customers can download a checklist to uncover the challenges their brand faces.

“We work with clients who like to win,” said Matt King, chief creative officer at SFW. “SFW wanted this new website to show who we are. Our agency is better than ever, with more experts, more capabilities, more success stories and more of all the things that allow us to bring about transformation for brands.”

For more information about SFW, contact Alex Hale, business development manager at