At the mid-week point for National Bike-To-Work Week, staff members at the full-service marketing agency SFW took the opportunity to visit their newly opened Raleigh office via an 80-mile bike ride between offices. Six staff members rode the distance while the company provided play-by-play updates on its social media sites. For each interaction by the company’s social audience, SFW donated one dollar to The League of American Bicyclists.

SFW Ride To Raleigh
From left to right: Jonathan Davis, Si Wong, Alex Hale, Pete Oerter, Ged King, Matt Goldfarb, and Jess Holke.

Riders included CEO Ged King as well as staff members Alex Hale, Pete Oerter, Matt Goldfarb, Si Wong and Jonathan Davis. A total of $932 was raised to donate to the league, supporting their movement to create safer roads, stronger communities and a bicycle-friendly America.

“Thank you to those who followed our ride on social media and upped the amount of our donation by interacting with our posts,” said King. “It was the perfect way to visit our team in our new Raleigh office while raising money for a great cause and bringing awareness to Bike-To-Work Week.”

SFW Ride To Raleigh

King mentioned that bicycling is a major influence in the SFW culture and many of the staff members participate in group rides during lunch and on the weekends year round. During Bike-To-Work Week, the agency encourages the entire staff to participate for fun and exercise.

SFW bike-to-work-week final destination in Raleigh
After 80 miles, we finally made it to our SFW Raleigh team’s new office on North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus.