Catching Pokemon and capturing winning insights for our clients share common ground.

In both, you have to know where to look and be ready when the opportunity (or Ratata) presents itself. Pokemon Go has propelled people off the couch and into the world to hunt the classic Nintendo creatures. Its popularity inspired us to bring an idea for community engagement to our client—Trek Bicycles of Greensboro, NC.

Trek employees already loved the game—even going out for bike rides at lunch to hunt for Pokemon. So, it wasn’t a stretch to convince them to invite community members to hop on their bikes as well, and join them for a group ride from their store in search of Pokemon—an event we branded “Greenway Go.”

While trending topics and fad games may seem silly, ignoring them represents a missed opportunity for engagement with existing and potential customers. Wins are hiding in all kinds of places, and staying on top of what’s trending is one way SFW is committed to finding each and every one of them.

Gotta catch ‘em all!

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