If you know anything about SFW, you know that we like bikes. Like, a lot. Any chance we get to cruise around town we take, especially if it’s in the name of promoting bicycle safety and awareness. So, your favorite agency with a spandex problem recently  participated in, and raised money for, National Bike to Work Week, an initiative striving to make some noise about keeping cyclists safe on the roads.

SFW employees bike on greenway

For the past three years, SFW has geared up for National Bike to Work Week. The agency started to cycle together to shave off some unsightly poundage and get in better shape, but now we also use cycling as a team-building tool

Throughout the course of the week, thirty SFW employees logged a whopping 3038.6 miles on their respective rides! When running the numbers — because we love to get geeky like that — SFW saved roughly 121.52 gallons of gasoline, reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2,381 pounds, and burned 151,930 calories. These rides took the form of lunchtime rides, after-work rides, and employees traveling to and from work. SFW also participated in the Greensboro “Ride of Silence,” a six-mile bike ride honoring those who’ve been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways.

SFW company bike ride

The grand finale of the week took place on Friday, May 19th, when 12 SFW cyclists – several of whom were new cyclists – rode their bikes from the agency’s Greensboro office to SFW’s Raleigh office on NC State’s Centennial Campus. The 92.4-mile journey took just under ten hours to complete. SFW also used this opportunity to raise money through social media for Bicycling in Greensboro, Inc., a non-profit organization seeking to create a safer cycling community. With every repost, share of #BIKESFW, and carrier-pigeon-delivered comment, SFW donated one dollar to the group. All in all, we raised more than $1,000, placing money in the hands of those who work hard for the betterment of our community.

“We push our limits every time SFW participates in National Bike to Work Week,” says Ged King, CEO. “Everyone at the agency really gave it their all, and we’re blown away by the results. Cycling is such an important part of our company culture and sharing it with the community has been a great experience.”

Wanna go for a ride? If you’d like to go on a ride with us or just want to chat in general, we’d love to set something up. Until then, we’ll be keeping our fleet of office bikes tuned up so they’re ready to roll when you are.