When our longtime client, Louisa, VA-based S&N Communications, contacted us to say that six of their employees lost almost everything in the Louisiana flooding and asked for our help in crafting an emergency-relief campaign, we jumped into response mode.

Lousiana flood damage aftermath

Working closely with S&N, we landed on an S&N “Strength In Numbers” tagline to kick off relief efforts. Within 48 hours, our combined team launched the GoFundMe page alongside a weekly email campaign, asking S&N employees across the nation for donations of both money and PTO hours for the hard-hit employees.

S&N Communications Strength In NumbersWhile crafting messaging for the S&N flood relief campaign, SFW employees found themselves moved by the plight of those impacted.

“When we say we partner with our clients, that’s something we’re serious about,” says SFW President Peter Mitchell. “It’s great to say that when our clients win, we win, but it works the other way. When our clients hurt, we hurt. Which is why working on this campaign was much more than just a job for us. We really felt moved to respond and help in any way possible.”

mailboxes in louisiana floodSFW contributed to relief efforts, but what moved Mitchell was that individual members of the team donated on their own.

“That speaks to the level of caring and commitment we have for our clients,” says Mitchell, adding, “I’m always proud of the work we do, but this campaign, in particular, has come to mean a lot to us.”

The flooding in Louisiana is one of the biggest national disasters to hit the U.S. since (Superstorm) Sandy. The floods have damaged tens of thousands of homes and businesses.

S&N Communications car in Louisiana flood damage

“We are stronger together,” says Allen Powell, CEO and president of S&N. “We selected the Strength In Numbers tagline because we don’t just believe, we know, that together we can—and will—make a difference in the lives of these employees.”

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