Our Four Part Process

The Four Part Process is SFW’s framework for attacking clients’ most pressing challenges.
Intuitive, proven and repeatable, it fosters purpose and teamwork between the client and SFW teams, resulting in stronger strategies, more creativity and bigger ideas.

Unique Core Team Structure
Instead of operating in “departments” like most agencies, SFW consists of integrated Core Teams that operate like agencies within the agency. They are responsible for their own P&L’s and their compensation is tied to client business performance. This organizational structure encourages accountability, and every member of the core team becomes immersed in the business.
Partner Pricing
SFW offers a Partner Pricing structure that ties our compensation to your success. You tell us what you would consider a win, and we design a bonus based on your goal. Then comes the interesting part: we reduce our upfront fee. If we reach your goal, we receive the bonus. If we do not meet your goal, you pay only the reduced fee. Not many agencies are willing to put skin in the game. Why are we? Because SFW believes we win only when you win.


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