3 out of 4 retail marketing programs never even make it to the starting line.

Are you as good at selling in as you are at selling through?

Surprising Fact of the Week


Consumers are 2.5 times more price conscious when they shop online vs in store.

How should that impact your online vs in-store communications strategy?

Surprising Fact of the Week
July 12th, 2019

Brands we love: IHOP “Pancakes”    

It was time for a change, a revitalization of IHOP’s expertise in affordable, everyday dining. So, they threw something at us out of left field.

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July 3rd, 2019

It’s the second half of 2019: step up your marketing

In a fast-paced time like the 21st century, take advantage of these marketing tips and help your brand evolve in the latter half of 2019.

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June 25th, 2019

Why millennials love their workplace

Since millennials are dominating the workforce and are preparing to surpass Baby Boomers as the largest population, they’re your company’s greatest asset.   

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78% of home improvement customers prefer brands that make them think of the category differently.

What is your brand doing to challenge the rules of the category?

Surprising Fact of the Week
June 21st, 2019

SFW Honored at Triad’s Best Places to Work 2019

SFW has been named a finalist in the Triad Business Journal’s 2019 Best Places to Work small business category.

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June 18th, 2019

Get the most out of summer interns (and vise versa)

Rest assured, nowadays being an “intern” means much more than going on a coffee run or making copies for superiors—it means gaining valuable experience.

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June 7th, 2019

SFW Retail Experts Offer Insights On ‘The Craftsman Effect’ At Lowe’s

SFW leads discussion on "The Craftsman Effect" at Lowe's and implications for hardware manufacturers.

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85% of purchases still happen in stores, despite e-commerce growth.

Is your brand maximizing the opportunity from both Clicks AND Bricks?

Surprising Fact of the Week
June 4th, 2019

Brands we love: just call us Dunkin’

The relatively new Dunkin' rebrand was fueled by the demands of today’s on-the-go customer. And what they wanted most was coffee.

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May 28th, 2019

op ed: Game of Thrones & why content is king

HBO is a great example of a brand who gave their viewers the content they wanted, but when it came to a close, so did the audience’s excitement for the brand.

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