So, you've got a
big meeting
with a buyer?

Lucky for you, we’re not rookies when it comes to product line reviews. In fact, we’re experienced veterans who know that to win big in retail, you’ve got to know everything your opponent doesn’t. And the only way to do that is through comprehensive research, shopper insights, and a compelling story. SFW has won 112 out of 120 product line reviews we’ve participated in—that’s 93%. In fact, we care so much about our wins that we have an actual scoreboard hanging in our office. It’s an everyday reminder of all the brands we’ve helped get into stores, on Amazon, and sold through to customers.

For us, that's a win-win.

What is a
Product Line Review (PLR)?

A product line review, also known as a “retail line review,” is a beauty contest, college application, science experiment and MENSA test all rolled into one 60-to-90-minute presentation. Held at the home office of a retailer, like Lowe’s, Target, Walmart or Home Depot, where the retail buyer will decide whether or not your product makes it on the shelf.

Our PLR Playbook

Did you know that 3 out of 4 retail marketing programs never even make it to a product line review? We want to make sure that once you have the meeting, you can take full advantage of it. To help, here are our 7 Principles to help you win.

  1. Know thy opponent

    What’s keeping your buyer up at night? How can you position your brand as a solution during the product line review?

  2. See the whole playing field

    What’s happening in the category? What’s worked and what hasn’t?

  3. A new season calls for new plays

    Are you offering new insights and proposing cutting-edge products and innovative retail solutions?

  4. How good is your blocking & tackling?

    Have you mastered every detail of your sell-in program and product line review presentation?

  5. The best offense is a good defense

    Have you crafted a bulletproof defense for your brand and its role at retail?

  6. Calling an audible

    Are you flexible, ready to make last-minute adjustments to your presentation if new information arrives before (or at) the product line review?

  7. A lesson from Vince Lombardi

    Are you trying to game the system? Or, are you preparing, rehearsing, and presenting to win your product line review? (Hint: the latter works best.)

Ready for your next play?

We want to help you win your big meeting.

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