Case Study: TrueBlue®

Brand Identity and Positioning

Empire logo


Empire made a great level, but it didn’t look like it on the shelf next to the competition. We needed to differentiate the brand in a new way to show consumers that Empire was the smart choice.


Our behavioral segmentation revealed differences among seasoned pros, novice pros, and DIYers, however, all agreed that a level you can trust to be accurate every time is the most important purchase motivation.


SFW introduced TrueBlue®--bold, colored vials that designate pinpoint accuracy to stand out from the ubiquitous yellow imitators. We completely revised the packaging and in-store merchandising to create lasting symbols of brand reevaluation for pros and DIYers.

The Win

By owning blue, Empire now owns the category. With a legion of loyal pros and DIYers trusting in “the blue level,” Empire built a premium reputation and is considered best in the category.






Empire product, logo and retail activation

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