Featured Project: Primo

Packaging Redesign

Primo logo


Consumers weren’t stopping for Primo water in stores. In fact, they were overlooking Primo’s brand as a whole. They needed a consumer-wide appeal within stores, and more importantly, they needed to increase their shopability across the line.


The initial goal was to capture the shopper’s attention, plain and simple. So, we introduced a packaging color that stood in stark contrast to similar products in-aisle. In addition to the new color, the design would be developed through ethnographic research and confirmed through quantitative research. In other words, our team talked to real people and cross-checked our findings with a data driven approach. To meet our goal, the final design would have to catch the eye, better communicate key features of Primo water, drive connectivity to Primo exchange and refill water programs, and better visualize and inspire the consumer to picture the product in their home.






Primo packaging design

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