Case Study: Seedy Joints

Retail Marketing Campaign

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68% of adults are rightfully concerned about the quality of America’s drinking water but 80% say they are not concerned about having a problem in their homes. Primo Water, a leader in water dispensers and bulk water exchange and refill, needed to create doubt in consumers’ minds to help people consider an alternative to tap water.


Our research confirmed that almost everyone wants the healthiest water for their bodies and 63% agreed it was their responsibility to encourage family and/or friends to drink more water. Furthermore, it was found that households with “bulk water” dispensers consume up to 30% more water than non-bulk households!


Fueled by those insights SFW branded Primo as the home drinking water solution that takes a stand against unsafe tap water. The campaign launched with 3-D in-store signage reading, “Your tap water can hang out in some pretty seedy joints. It’s time to rethink your water.”

The Win

After the trade out of old retail signage for the Seedy Joints message, sales of Primo dispensers and bulk water increased +47% compared to the prior period and +44% compared to sales one year ago. The Primo campaign has also been nominated for a Shopper Marketing EFFIE Award for marketing effectiveness.








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