Case Study: Texas Pete® – CHA!

New Product Launch

Siracha Cha! by Texas Pete. Logo


Texas Pete has become a household name in hot sauces. But how can we grow the franchise through line extensions that are consistent with the Texas Pete brand?


Sriracha sauce was the fastest growing specialty sauce, and the market leader seemed to be asleep at the switch. Certainly, there was room for a new brand of sriracha that packs more flavor than heat.


SFW developed the name and value proposition for this fun, youthful line extension we called CHA! and the high-energy campaign “Embrace Your CHAddiction” that would get it on the map. National TV, billboards, social media, and PR created the buzz that would catch the market leader by surprise.

The Win

In the end, CHA! by Texas Pete captured more than 11% of the market in less than six months, making it the most successful product launch in the company’s history.






Cha! billboard, magazine, t-shirt design

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